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SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

 It secures the transmission of  data. It is an encryption layer that encodes information that is exchanged between your browser and a server

You can verify that your site is secure using this link

 SSL Certificates

Positive SSL

KES. 2,000/ Year

Domain validation

1 domain / www.domain 

128/256 bit encryption

$10,000 relying party Warranty

Higher google ranking


Positive Wildcard

KES. 9,999/ Year

Domain validation

1 domain/ Unlimited sub domains

128/256 bit encryption

$10,000 relying party Warranty

Higher google ranking


EV Extended Validation

KES. 30,000/ Year

Company verification

1 domain or Sub domain

Upto 256 bit encryption

$1,000,000 Warranty

Higher google ranking

Company Name on browser

Types of SSL Certificates

Domain Validated Certificate (DV): 

Domain Validated certificates are certificates that are checked against domain registry. There is no identifying organizational information for these certificates and thus Acmetek do not recommend these to be used for commercial purposes. 

Visitors to a website with DV certificates cannot validate, via the certificate, if the business on the site is legitimate and thus often DO NOT trust this type of certificate. 

It is recommended using these types of certificates where security is not a concern, such as protected internal systems

Organization Validated Certificate (OV): Organizational certificates are Trusted. Organizations are strictly authenticated by
real agents against business registry databases hosted by governments. 

Documents may exchange and personnel may be contacted during validation
to prove the right of use. OV certificates therefore contain legitimate business information. This is the standard type of certificate required on a commercial or public facing website. 

OV certificates conform to the X.509 RFC standards and thus contain all the necessary information to validate the organization

General SSL installation instructions

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