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Your Security, our responsibility
Why we insist on Email communications 
Kind of help that we CANNOT give via chat / phone

Imagine . . .
.. the requests that we get via chat or phone




Verb: pretend to be someone one is not.

                         . . . someone masquerading to be you ...

  • asks for your email password ...

    How can we prove that it's you?

    What if we give the password ...

  • We give them your domain transfer code

    What are the consequences of such an action

  • asks that we transfer a service from one account to another

    and then they take control of your account

  • asks that we change the Name servers for your domain

    and they redirect your emails/traffic to themselves 

  • We create an email account under your domain

    Then they use it for other purposes

  • we delete an email account

    and you lose your data!

These are some of the requests that we get via chat or phone



How do we prove that you are the owner (or otherwise ) of the service?

We won't want to make mistakes and give access. No room for Legal cases


Help us to protect your digital assets.