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The company website is the most consistent and proprietary source of data for a small business. Mono empowers digital service providers with a unique opportunity to leverage SMB data to make data-rich websites and to use automation for fast and efficient website production.


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Empowering Small Businesses 

Looks Good on Any Device

Our platform offers the ability to build and customize fully responsive sites to optimize the user experience across multiple screen sizes and resolutions. Unlike other website platforms, sites built with EAC directory are automatically rendered based on screen size, using one set of HTML code with options for customization. 


Our focus has always been, and continues to be, on making our partners as successful as they can be. This translates into a dedicated account team, partner-driven roadmaps, professional support and ultimately customized solutions that work best for the individual partner. What can we do for you?

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Ultimate Efficiency

Scale your Business

We understand large-scale website fulfillment better than anyone. Mono's steadfast dedication to efficiency across the platform sets our partners up for success with the highest possible
margins. Meet SMBs wherever they are on their customer journey with professional products, from automated landing pages to websites with online stores.

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Grow Your Business with EAC directory

We're armed with all the professional features that you need to streamline your workflow and provide more value to your clients

• Web Design  • Domain
• Digital Marketing
 • Google Suite
• Data Analytics
• Hosting
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