Expired Top Level Domains Renewals

The below applies for .com, .net, .biz and .org

  1. They suspend domains immediately after they expire -Mails and websites go offline
  2. These domains are available for renewal up to 35 days after the expiry date at the normal cost
  3. On the 36th day, if you have not renewed the domain and a back order is in place, then there is nothing the registrar can do, the domain will automatically be released to the new client.
  4. There is a Restoration Period - 36 days ( You will pay Ksh 9,999 plus the domain renewal fee )
  5. Immediately after the domain expires anyone can apply for a Backorder, the Backorder will be applicable ONLY after the grace period ends ( 35 days after expiry ).
    ( Backordering a domain means placing a bid on a domain name that you want for your website but is already owned by someone else. You place a bid for that domain name hoping that the current owner will not be renewing their registration and ownership of it and that it will soon be up for grabs and that you will have it.)


  • Renew the domain before it expires
  • It costs 10 times to renew the domain i.e 35 days after expiry
  • You have NO control 64 days after expiry. Someone will be register it on a first come basis