Backup webmail mails into your gmail account

The purpose of this guide is to show you on how to

1. Read your webmail based emails into your favourite email program- gmail

2. How to take advantage of gmail to have backup of your emails

Below are steps on how to integrate your gmail with your web mail account.

Step 1 : Login into your gmail account

Step 2 : Click on Setting > Accounts and Import


Step 3 Under Send email as click on add another email address

A popup window will appear

Step 4 : Enter your new account name and your webmail address then Click on Next

Step 5 : Enter your web mail account as the username and on the password place your web mail password then click on Add Account. Successful 

Step 6 : You will be prompted to enter a confirmation code sent to your webmail account 

Login to your web mail account or click on the verification link in your webmail account to proceed.

Received in webmail

Step 7 : Open the email received on your web mail account and on it click on ¨confirm¨ to complete the process.

Confirm request

You may now proceed to send a sample email from your webmail using gmail