​What is SSL certificate and why you need it

SSL certificate is the gateway to secure online commerce. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and its purpose is to encrypt data that is send between the browser and the site’s servers. You can check whether SSL certificate is installed on a site by looking for the secure protocol. Sites that begin with https:// have the certificate installed and are thus considered secure, while sites that begin with http:// are not. Secure sites have a padlock sign on the url that has important information about the site.

Advantages of SSL certificate

Data protection

When the SSL certificate is installed on a site, all data uploaded by users on that site is encrypted so as to protect it from third parties. The site visitors names, account numbers, home addresses, passwords and email addresses will not be visible to third parties because they are transferred from your browser to the server and back in an unreadable format. This gives your web visitors confidence that the data they share on your site is secure.

Protection against phishing

Phishers create a copy of a website and then serve it to browsers in order to collect personal information for their own selfish use. SSL ensures that this does not happen and hence protect your site clients against phishing attacks.

Gives your site authenticity

SSL certificate providers usually collect specific information about you to verify your identity and business. Whether it is a small business or large enterprise, SSL certificate ensures that your business is genuine and not another con site aimed at stealing from visitors. Visitors will trust your site if it has the SSL certificate installed.

SEO advantage 

Google is more concerned about pleasing website visitors than website owners. Sites that protect the privacy of their users and safeguard them from hackers are likely to receive better ranking on search engines. 

In conclusion, installing SSL certificate will give you an edge over your competitors in so many ways. It will not only attract genuine buyers but will also win the trust of Google. However, you need to renew your SSL certificate annually to continue enjoying its benefits.

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