​Can I buy a domain that is already registered by someone else?

Buying a domain name is not always as easy as typing in a desired name on a domain seller and then placing an order for it. Sometimes, the address you want has already been reserved by someone else and getting it will require a little extra work. Apart from domain auction sites, you can buy a reserved domain name directly from the seller!

Factors to consider when buying a reserved domain name

If you are buying a domain that is already reserved by a registrar or owner, you need to consider the following:
1. Domain history
People buy reserved domain names for various reasons. Some of the reasons you may want to purchase a url that is already owned by someone else include:
- You owned it before
- It matches the name of your business or brand name
- You cannot find a better name for your domain
The first thing you need to do is conduct a domain lookup search on who.is to find the previous owners and what they were using that address for. It is very possible that the websites associated with the business previously were not offering the same services you want to offer. If for instance you want to build a church website on an address that previously belonged to a cultic organization, you may attract the wrong audience or chase away some of your current clients.
You also need to ensure that the domain wasn’t uploading spammy content because this can have serious repercussions on SEO.

2. Domain Age
Domain age directly affects your seo. Google respects domains that have been in existence for a while compared o new addresses. Domain age also affects the auction price. If you are negotiating with someone who has owned a domain for several years, be prepared to pay a premium for it. It will be like selling a business to you. And just like land, domain prices go up with time.

3. Domain authority
Domain authority also affects SEO. The seo effort put in by the previous owner will also affect the current selling price.

4. Domain expiry date

Every day, new domains are dropped by the current owners. People fail to renew domains for various purposes, and so you can hold on and wait for a domain to expire to try your luck.

Remember, just because a domain name belongs to someone else does not mean that your chances of owning it are gone. Talk to the owner to see if they can sell it to you, or wait for current owners to drop it then buy immediately.

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