Landrace Auction Bidding Procedure

  1. Create an auction account with Kenic by signing up at
  2. The registration page look likes this

   3. After registration. Login to your account.

    4. Click on the shop by category just below  the Kenic Logo and select Premium .KE Domains

5. In the search bar, search your prefered domain name eg and press enter

6.The system will list the available domain names related to your search. It will show you the number of bids, the number of days remaining and a link to more info.

7.Click on the image, the domain name, or more info link for more details. From the screen provided you can place a bid and watch the item.

8. On the Right Hand Side, Seller Information, you can watch the item and get notifications when a bid is placed on the item, when a higher bid is placed, and when there is a few hours left to the end of auction process.

9. Click on Place a bid and enter your prefered bid value N/B: You cannot enter a bid amount below the highest bid. The system will suggest to you the range at which you can make your bid. I.e if the highest bid is 9,000. The range will be between 9,001 and 9,002. However, you can place a higher bid.

10. After placing your bid, click on the Preview Bid button

11. From this page, you can revise your bid or place the bid. After placing a bid, the domain is automatically added to your watch list and you will be notified should there be a higher bidder.