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Auction FAQ


As part of second level domains (SLD) roll out and as per the SLD policy, premium domains are to be auctioned during landrush period which runsFriday, 22nd December, 2017 at 07:59 AM.
To actualize this, and also to incorporate continual domains auction past land rush, an online platform has been developed to allow registrants place their bid(s) for their chosen domain(s). This is a quick guide on the platform usage and also features common questions that might be asked by clients.

Common Questions:

1. What’s the URL (link) for accessing the platform?


2. Who is eligible to bid?

Bidding for every domain is open to members of the public (all potential registrants), both locally and abroad.

3. What do I need to bid?

There isn’t prequalification so long as you provide correct sign up details on the online platform especially contacts.

4. How is payment handled?

No payment will be done until the bid is closed for each domain after which highest bidder will be awarded. The highest bidder will have to make payment DIRECTLY to KeNIC before being allowed to register the domain through his/her preferred registrar.

5. What’s the auction period for a domain?

Each domain will be open for auction for a period of 30 days beginning immediately it is uploaded on the online platform. The timer on the platform is automatic and reduces gradually before closing auction after exactly on Friday, 22nd December, 2017 at 07:59 AM.

6. What happens after domain auction period comes to an end?

For each domain, after 30 days, all the bids will be evaluated by the SLD committee and the domain awarded to the highest bidder. The SLD committee will the contact the winner with details on the next steps.

7. How will I know if I have won the bid?

For each domain, SLD committee will communicate directly to the winner.

8. How will payment be handled between registry and registrarant?

Bid winners will make payments directly to KeNIC. The winner will have to confirm to KeNIC his/her chosen registrar

9. Is the bid price inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

The bid price is exclusive of VAT

10. What next in case of a tie on a bid for a domain?

In case of a tie where there are more than one winners, the domain will be subjected to further auction pitting the winners only.

11. Is the list of premium domains on the Auction portal Final?

No. The final list will be circulated after the cooling off period.

12. What Currency that can be used on the portal?

The portal uses KES (Kenya Shillings).

13. Is it possible for the Registry to re-open a closed bid?

A bid for a domain will be re-opened ONLY in a case where there is no clear winner i.e. there is a tie on the highest bidders. In this case auction for the affected domain will be opened strictly for the highest bidders in a tie for a period determined by the registry.

14. What happens if the highest bidder fails to pay?

In this case the registry will award the domain name to the second highest bidder.