Intermittent issue with Outgoing Emails on Linux hosting servers

 Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Update as at 1050hrs on 7th July 2022

Our system administration team has been able to fix the queuing issue on our hosting servers. You should now be able to send and receive emails successfully without any significant delay. We are actively monitoring the servers to ensure that the reported issues do not resurface. An update will be provided on this link.


Update as at 1030hrs 

During the course of monitoring, we experienced a fail-over from two gateways which were worked upon by our system administration team. They were able to bring up the gateways and cut-over additional traffic to route through different cloud stations. The emails are now flowing out in an optimal pattern and there are no significant delays for the newer set of emails. We shall continue to track the server status for an extended duration and share further updates on the link.


Update as at 1530hrs 

Our system administration team is noticing intermittent queueing of emails on certain boxes, for our outbound email services.

The team is proactively monitoring the service queue to ensure an optimal flow of emails

We shall continue to track the progress on the queue for an extended duration and share further updates on the link.


Link to be updated every 2hrs



Technical Team

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